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Who are we?

Welcome to the EPFLoop team website! We are a team of highly motivated and extremely passionate students from EPFL and other Swiss universities in the Lausanne area that have come together in order to help shape the future! We always strive towards excellence, innovation and progress in every respect. We participated in the 2018 Hyperloop Pod Competition and were selected as one of the top three teams in the World! Browse through this site to get to know us a little better!
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What we believe

Team Vision

Our universal aim of advancing Hyperloop technology and our wish to be included in the shaping of the fifth mode of transportation is what brought us together. Our team is made up of inspiring professors and passionate students from EPFL, all prepared to put our hearts and souls into this futuristic competition. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and robust engineering skills will allow us to achieve our common goal!

Inspired by his experience at the Hyperloop Competition, our team leader, Denis Tudor, decided to start a team at EPFL. Combining his knowledge of the competition with the technical skills of the team, we believe that we will be able to tackle the first milestone of the project: The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

Although the team was only created in September of 2017, we were able to qualify in the final round of the Hyperloop 2018 Competition as one of the only two teams which were participating for the first time. Not only this, but we ranked as one of the top three teams in the World, with the maximum score for reliability. This afforded us the opportunity to run our Pod in the Hyperloop tube. The key our success is the amazing team that has gathered here in Lausanne and has a fresh look on the different problems of the pod.

How we got here

Team History

Swissmetro concept

At EPFL, professor Marcel Jufer first proposed a futuristic transport metro network that would operate at high speeds, around 500 km/hour, inside low-pressure tunnels. Even today, this legacy still inspires many of the students at EPFL.

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Hyperloop concept

In 2013, Elon Musk published the Hyperloop Alpha design that conceived a system that would transport passengers with a top speed of 1200 km/hour. This marked the beginning of the modern pursuit of hyper-speed transportation.

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Competitions I & II

Following the spirit of the Hyperloop Alpha design, SpaceX has since organized two student competitions, in January and August of 2017. These competitions challenged university teams to build and test their own pods.

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Previous Competitions
Competition III

This year EPFL officially entered the Hyperloop competition for the first time, aiming to help promote the development of the Hyperloop concept and create a next-generation transportation system. During the 10 months that separated the creation of the EPFLoop team and the final day of the Hyperloop 2018 Competition, we had to overcome many hurdles and unforeseen circumstances. Despite this, we are incredibly proud to be able to say that not only did we qualify in the final round of the Hyperloop 2018 Competition, but did so by passing all of the safety and reliability requirements with the highest number of points during the testing week. We were able to achieve a speed of 200 km/h on 300 meters, which was only a fourth of the available acceleration distance, in addition to running without depressurizing the tube. These factors led us to be selected as one of the top three teams in the World, and to be able run our Pod in the Hyperloop tube. In the final competition we were ranked third by speed, and became an inseparable group of friends from over 15 nations, that will keep on making new engineering breakthroughs wherever we go.

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